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About Us

  • Arabiya Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic established in Eqaila Area. Arabiya Clinic in its only available new medical mall concept provides high; and up to international standards; medical care in an area that needs additional good hospitals, clinics and doctors.

  • Arabiya Clinic consists of different specialty clinics spread across one level in the third floor of Arabiya mall over an area of 2,500 square meters making it a unique, accessible to public one-stop medical mall.

  • Currently we have in operation the Pediatric, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Gynecology & Obstetrics, laboratory, Radiology, Dental clinics (12 dental chairs) plus their supporting services like dental lab, CSSD and Panoramic X Ray, in addition to the plastic surgery & Derma/ Beautifying Clinics around 15 clinics and treatment rooms.


Dr. Ahmed Abdulmoez

Dr. Dana Assi

Dr. Lama Al-Husseini

Dr. Marcel Hilal

Dr. Mazen El Assi

Dr. Medhat Ibrahim

Dr. Nabeel Menouni

Dr. Nehad Farahat

Dr. Prashanthy R Prasad

Dr. Samir Gerges Abdelmalak

Dr. Sandra Geagea

Dr. Suzan Abuhaniyeh


Sun, 10 Dec

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