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Arabiya Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic established in Eqaila Area. Arabiya Clinic in its only available new medical mall concept provides high; and up to international standards; medical care in an area that needs additional good hospitals, clinics and doctors.

Arabiya Clinic consists of different specialty clinics spread across one level in the third floor of Arabiya mall over an area of 2,500 square meters making it a unique, accessible to public one-stop medical mall.

Currently we have in operation the Pediatric, Internal Medicine, Dental clinics (12 dental chairs) plus their supporting services like dental lab, CSSD and Panoramic X Ray, in addition to the Derma/ Cosmetic Clinics around 15 clinics and treatment rooms.


Dr. Dana Assi

<ul><li>MD in Pedia…


Dr. Lama Al-Husseini

<ul><li>Doctor of D…


Dr. Medhat Ibrahim

<ul><li>M.B.B.CH - …


Dr. Nabeel Menouni

<ul><li>Doctorate D…


Dr. Prashanthy R Prasad

<ul><li>BDS, MDS, F…


Dr. Suzan Abuhaniyeh

<ul><li>MD in Derma…


Dr. Walaa Gharieb

<ul><li>Master’s De…



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