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  • YIACO Medical Center was established in 2005 in the heart of Salmiya. This medical diagnostic center houses renowned physicians and highly qualified staff to provide unprecedented medical services that cater to all family members, children, elderly, males, and females.

  • A team of highly qualified and experienced doctors in their specialty along with trained paramedical staff equipped with the latest medical equipment ensure complete, comprehensive care for your entire family. The center has emerged as a leading healthcare provider in Kuwait due to its commitment to quality healthcare at the most affordable rates in the market. The aim of the center is to serve the healthcare needs of the region by giving comprehensive and compassionate patient care to prevent and treat illness and to provide advanced medical procedures using modern technology combined with the practice of being caring and compassionate. These aims are achieved through: patient care as a top priority, confidentiality of patient information, proper patient handling with compassion, teamwork and clinical excellence, continuous professional improvement, accountability, responsibility, honesty and integrity, patient safety and security, operational efficiency, and respect for patient rights and privacy.
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Dr. Inga Sadada

Dr. Mohammed Hazzani

Dr. Parveen N. Parkar

Dr. Rashmi Laxman

Dr. Ruchira Vasudeva

Dr. S. M. Sultana

Dr. Shawkat S. Alsayed

Dr. Subramanyam Marri

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Dr. Sushma Narayan

Dr. Swati B. Kapadia


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