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DISC- Kuwait is a multidisciplinary Clinic that utilizes the integrated care approach in managing musculoskeletal disorders through thorough evaluation, accurate diagnosis, careful treatment planning, different manual therapy approaches, movement therapy, regenerative medicine interventions, and more.

DISC- Kuwait services include:

Physiotherapy: Restoring pain-free living through manual therapy, dry needling, corrective exercises and more. We specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, pain management, post-op rehab, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and return to sport.

Osteopathy: Treating the WHOLE person through a hands-on therapy approach to optimize function and enhance the quality of living

Chiropractic: Treating neuromuscular pain and dysfunction through manual therapy including spinal manipulation to help patients maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

Women’s Health: Physiotherapy and osteopathic approaches to treating and managing women’s conditions and dysfunctions throughout the life stages, including pelvic floor rehabilitation and prenatal and post-natal care.

Movement Therapy: Correcting movement dysfunction and treating chronic pain through mobility and strengthening exercises to prevent injuries and improve wellbeing.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Providing minimally invasive, non-surgical interventions to restore and enhance function while supporting the body’s regenerative processes.

Therapeutic Massage: Utilizing a combination of manual therapy techniques that aim to achieve a structural change or therapeutic benefit in the body. This involves mobilizing soft tissues to restore normal function. It can be recommended as part of the integrated treatment plan or as a maintenance program.

Corporate Wellness: Improving productivity and satisfaction through educational workshops that aim to facilitate healthy work habits and boost fulfillment.

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Alejandro Noriega Guerra

Anna Schuur Garrido

Ayesha Samuels

Ayla Sina

Celine Khoury Samia

Dr. Karim Fayad

Dr. Khalil Srour

Dr. Mohammad Alansari

Dr. Otávio Oliveira

Dr. Yuneisy Gonzalez

Hannah Upton

Imad Daher

Jovee Manlunas

Laia Monleon

Meshaal Al-Fadhli

Sijam Alassaf Brito


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