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60 Degree Clinic

  • Area
  • Bneid il-Gar
  • Speciality
  • Family Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Surgery, Vascular
  • Sub Specialities
  • Diabetes, Diabetic Foot, Non-invasive vascular consultancy, Epilepsy, GIT surgery (visceral surgery)
  • Treatments
  • Diabetes, Epilepsy and seizures, Diabetic foot diseases, Hypertension, Developmental delay, Nail fungus, Depression, Headache and migraines, Plantar endarteritis, Anxiety, Bunions, Learning and language disorders, Children diseases, Ingrown nail, Music and nerve disorders, Infant care, Foot numbness, Cerebral palsy, Breast feeding counselling, Thyroid and parathyroid operations, Genetic disorders, Tourette’s syndrome and other tic disorders, Preventive health care, Skin, breast and abdominal wall tumors, Behaviour disorder, Gallbladder diseases, Diseases of the upper digestive system., Autism spectrum disorders, Attention deficit & hyperactivity disorders (ADHA), duodenal ulcers, Hernia repair operations, Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic and colonoscopies., Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure, Anal fistula
  • Description
  • Our clinic takes care of hair & skin care and…
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