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Al Zuhair Medical Center

  • Area
  • Salmiya
  • Department
  • Beauty, Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Dental, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, OB-GYN, Surgery, Vascular
  • Specialities
  • Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Dental Surgery, Periodontist
  • Treatments
  • Abdominal Laparoscopic Surgeries, Aesthetic and Prosthetic Breast Surgeries, Aesthetic Consultation, Aging of Skin, Allergies Venereal Diseases, Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula, Angiodysplasia, Antenatal Care & Treatment, Anterior & Posterior Repair of Vagina, Appendicitis - Stomach, Birth Control Counseling, Botox, Brazilian Butt Lifting, Breast Surgery, Cauterization, Cesarean Sections, Cheek Augmentation, Chemical peeling, Chronic Internal Medicine Diseases, Cold Coagulation, Conization of Cervix, Cosmetic Fillings, Crown and Bridge, Dermapen and Mesotherapy, Diabetic Foot Treatment, Diagnosis of Skin Tumors, Dilation and Curettage, Exploratory Laparotomy, Extraction, Face and Neck Lifting, Face and Neck Lifting, Facial, Fat Reduction, Filler Injection, Filler Removal, Fillers, Botox and Mesotherapy, Follow-up of Infertility Related to Autoimmune Disorders, Follow-up of Infertility Related to Autoimmune Disorders and Medical Problems During Pregnancy, Gallbladder Diseases, Gastric Balloon, Gastric Banding, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Surgery, Gender Selection, Gum pinking, Gum treatments, GYNAE Procedures, Hair Loss Treatment, Hair Transplant, Hemorrhoids, Hernia Repair Operations, High Chances of Twins, High Risk Pregnancies, Hollywood Smile, Hysterectomy, Infertility, Ingrown Nail, Internal Medicine Diseases, IUCD Insertion, Labioplasty with Fillers and Fat Transfer, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Treatment for Pigmentation, Laser Treatments, Laser Vaginal Tightening, Lifting and Body Sculpting, Lip Enhancement, Lipoma Excision, Liposuction, Mammoplasty, Marsupialization, Mesotherapy for Hair, Face & Body, Myomectomy, Non Surgical Management of Urinary Incontinence, Normal Deliveries, NST, Ovarian Cystectomy, Peeling, Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Management, Pigmentation of the Skin, Body and Lips, Pilonidal Disease, Plasma for Hair and Face, Polycystic Ovaries, Post-Phlebitic Syndrome, Prevention of Cervical Cancer- Colposcopy, PRP for Gynecological Indications, PRP Vaginal Rejuvenation, Psoriasis, Recurrent Miscarriage Management, Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, Repair all Types of Hernia, Repair of Anal Sphincter Injuries, Repair of Hiatus Hernia Laparoscopically, Respiratory Diseases, Rhinoplasty Without Surgery, Skin Pigmentation, Skin Problems and Acne, Skin Whitening, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Suction Operations, Thyroid and Parathyroid Operations, Treatment of SCARS (Laser & Microneedling ), Ultrasound All Pregnancy Trimesters, Urinary Incontinence, Vacuum Delivery, Vaginal Birth after C section, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vaginal/Abdominal Hysterectomy, Varicose Disease, Varicose Disease, Veneers, Vitamin Deficiencies, Vulvar Warts
  • Description
  • Al Zuhair Medical Center (AZMC) new health organi…

Fri, 07 October

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